Motivating Force

I’ve been thinking about the things that I want to be my motivating forces that will lead me to act. So what motivates me to get up out of bed at 6:15 to get ready to serve the people here in Portland Oregon? Here are some of the reasons. I will be honest,  and I will leave them in the order they came to mind.

Motivating Factor #1. I have already decided that it’s something I’m going to do.

Motivating Factor #2. I know it’s important. Despite the many distractions that at times cloud my focus, I know what I am doing is a very worth while cause. If the people I talk to will take the time to experience what we share, it will make a positive impact. Even if they don’t accept what we share, I don’t regret any conversations I have had.

Motivating Factor #3. It’s what Christ himself would do if he were here. I’m trying to “walk a mile in His shoes.”  I should experience life in a similar way to really understand who Christ is. (this should extend  beyond my time serving a mission)

Motivating Factor #4. I have this time set aside to be my very best at one thing. Before my mission I was pretty good at being a Student, employee, friend, and an athlete (swimming, yoga, rock climbing…. obviously being pulled in a lot of different directions).When else will I have the chance to focus all my efforts and energy on being good at one thing. That one thing is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to know how it feels to put my best effort into something.

Motivating Factor #5. I want to get better at being a disciple of Christ. I get to practice being a (insert Christlike attribute here) person. Yes. It takes practice. Following the example that Christ gave us looks like the set up for a happy life. Not necessarily easy, but happy.

Motivating Factor #6. I want to be a better teacher. That was the tipping point on the scale that led me to serve a mission. I want others to understand me when I share this with them.

The best motivator ever: The spirit. The spirit inspires and motivates, rejuvenates, energizes, excites. I saw this happen several weeks ago when I was talking to a group of missionaries. There have been times where I have noticed the lack of motivation in myself. I wanted more, and I knew I had to turn to God in prayer to find it. I’m glad I’m on the best motivator’s team. I have immediate access to it whenever I really want it. Its up to me when I tap into it though. It takes a decision. I get bogged down some times with either the seemingly monotonous work, or the fact that I don’t know how to address certain situations. Both of these inhibitors dissipate when we ask for help from the best motivator out there. Christ wants us to succeed. He wants us to become all that we can. We don’t need external motivation when we truly understand who we are and why we are here, it is already there. If you aren’t sure of either of those two things, find answers by seeking for God’s wisdom.


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