Here’s to my Savior

I’ve been thinking about Christ as many of us do this time of year. I have been thinking about why the birth of Jesus Christ was such a monumental event. What made his birth one that the world would never forget? It wasn’t how he came that was so significant, but who he was, how he led, and what his mission on earth was.

The way he led.

Who he followed directly correlates with how he led. Because he kept his focus on “doing the will of him that sent me,” naturally he became a leader. He lived the gospel and when appropriate, he taught others how they could live it also. He exercised his agency to do his Heavenly Father’s will. He didn’t let the actions of others determine how accurately he lived up to Heavenly Father’s expectations. Unbending, unchanging, direct line, straight and narrow, no hint of variance or shadow of turning. Christ is who he is, He never apologized for speaking the truth. He did not care what the world thought of him. He cared about his accountability to our Heavenly Father to do what he had promised him he would do. He never deviated. Imagine what his resolve must have been to stick to what he knew was right without having someone else to pave the way ahead of him. He was the way, and He still is.

The miracles he performed.

To me, the greatest miracles he performed were before his 12 apostles were called to be apostles. The way he gathers faithful disciples is more miraculous than any other miracle I have read in the scriptures. Pride, stubbornness, logic, resentment, bitterness, contention, indifference. Imagine all of the human characteristics that would keep someone from giving up everything to live someone else’s way. Based off everyone I’ve met in the northwest, that isn’t something that people resolve to on a whim.  Peter,  James and John. They were fishermen who had nothing to show for their hard work from the previous night.  Christ came and He told them to try one last time. They did. The nets were filled with fish and the result was miraculous. But what was more miraculous in my perspective was that at some point between seeing Jesus for the first time and when they docked their boats on the shore, they had come to the conclusion that following Him was worth more than any other thing in this world. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is worth more than any other thing in this world. How did that happen?

The significance of his actions.

He died on the cross and paid for our sins in the garden of Gethsemane. He was resurrected and invites everyone to be made whole by his grace.  This bridged the gap of death that none of us could overcome on our own. He provides us the steps to reach our full potential which are exercising faith, repentance, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We couldn’t be clean from our mistakes without him. We all will pass away and we all make mistakes, but because Christ was born and fulfilled his mission, that is not the end.

This Christmas I hope everyone can think about who Christ is. What made his birth significant. Why he was born. But most importantly is this: How does this affect me? How does it apply? How can this change who I am?

I want to invite everyone to study the life of Jesus Christ and emulate His character in your every day interactions. Let’s turn our hope for peace on earth into a reality in our own sphere of influence. I will also invite you to watch He is the Gift to infuse today with the spirit of Christmas. Christ lives.

Merry Christmas



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