Virginia, USA


I was born to my parents shortly after they moved to Virginia from Ghana. They thought it would be best for me to be raised by my mom’s twin sister and other relatives back in Ghana while they established themselves here. When I was four they were ready for me to come back to the U.S. It was a paradigm shift because here I was back with my biological mother who looked exactly like my Baaba but it didn’t feel like home. Every time I saw a plane I assumed it was going back to Ghana. I wanted to go back. Virginia wasn’t home to me. My parents were still very busy with their careers and I didn’t feel especially close to them. My graduation from high school was a turning point in our relationship. I realized how much they sacrificed for me and I wrote them each a note before I left to get to my graduation ceremony early. When I saw them after I walked, we embraced and I just cried. They took me back to Ghana this past sumer and it was my first time back since I was a kid. My Baaba had already passed away but my other relatives embraced me with hugs and gifts the moment I saw them after I was off the plane. I  grew up outside the culture of Ghana and I feel like I came full circle with who I am when I went back to visit.


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